Ten years after getting fired, I finally wrote a Glassdoor review

2021.11.29 00:41 Merlin_the_Lizard Ten years after getting fired, I finally wrote a Glassdoor review

The workspace was abusive and I was miserable during my time at the firm. This included insults, belittlement, public humiliation, shouting, threats, intimidation, general verbal abuse, and I was made to feel perpetually on edge. I would highly recommend seeking a job elsewhere.
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2021.11.29 00:41 AlexAnderSon112 Do people dislike the French grim in epee

I am a foil fencer but I tried out a class of epee and i decided to use the French grip and gain extra reach from it because my arm length was a little shorter than my opponents(I am the minimum age for the adult class) and some of the people seemed unhappy that I was doing that, is it considered scummy to do so in epee.
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2021.11.29 00:41 VivaLosDoyers99 Heights

Yet another shot in this episode with Kendall looking over an edge/a high place. I know a lot of people have made a point that this could be eluding to his eventual jump. I'm beginning to fall more into that camp.
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2021.11.29 00:41 blissfullybearikated Conflict with a doctor

Hi everyone, I’m a fairly new nurse. The other day I had an incident with a doctor where she messaged me and told me to “do better” and how she’s “disappointed with my work today.” She also brought up an issue I had with her when I barely started on my own. She said she was taking this to charge. Basically what happened was that I had been texting her, on my personal phone btw, (which I’m uncomfortable with this) about a patient’s BP & how I was withholding pain meds as a result. Patient was stable, SBP was in the 90s-low 100s. Patient was like this the day before too so I wasn’t expecting her to do anything about it. I go to text her and she apparently had texted me at the same time. I didn’t see it. She had ordered albumin. I didn’t acknowledge the order Bc again, I didn’t see it. She responded back to the other message. Later on the day she messaged me asking what the patient BP was after albumin. I was confused thinking she might’ve told me about it in person. I med requested and gave it as soon as I could. I didn’t respond to doc until I had given report Bc I got slammed. That’s when she begins messaging me all that stuff. I have been very upset about it. I wanna go to HR about it I’m just not sure how to put into words how it’s affected me. I told my charge about the incident and they didn’t seem to be interested. The next day was thanksgiving, & I was discharging the pt, I saw the doctor. We said nothing to each other. I didn’t round with her Bc the pt was being discharged anyway. This is already affecting patient care Bc she ended up putting a written rx in the chart and didn’t tell me. Pt was discharged without it. I wanna mention this to HR also. I also would like to bring up how I don’t want to communicate with her via personal lines for obvious reasons.
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2021.11.29 00:41 Padoc1994 Help needed

Can anyone spare $10-$15 u til next Friday. Will pay back. Traveling for the holidays left me a little short on gas this week and just need a few extra to make it through the week for work. Thanks in advance! CashApp $markiemark570
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2021.11.29 00:41 Wig-Ok [8] My first two successful Poké Radar hunts are complete! I think I just found my new favorite way of shiny hunting!

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2021.11.29 00:41 bigboibogai bruh I got hungry enough last midnight that I went down stairs and heated up some left over pizza

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2021.11.29 00:41 dabcrab 🅱️linkedIn 🅱️rofile 🅱️icture?

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2021.11.29 00:41 James_the_psycopath M19 rate the fit for family photos

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2021.11.29 00:41 giovanna515 Do I sound like someone who should be going to law school?

***I apologize in advance for how long this is, but I am really quite torn right now about what do do***
I know one thing I want to do with my life, and yet I don’t know if I should go to law school instead.
I have been told by many people, throughout my life, that I should be a lawyer. However, I have always shook it off. I never really considered myself a lawyer, and I didn’t want to be one (in the stereotypical sense). I just couldn’t really picture myself being a lawyer and doing lawyer things. And yet I kind of can.
When I do the introspecting, when I really look at the reason why I have never fully considered law school, it all boils down to fear.
I’m not super bold, but I always stand my ground when I believe in something. I used to be terrified of talking in front of people, but now I do it just fine. I guess I’m just scared of the whole boldly debating other people thing. I’m scared I’m going to get tongue-tied or completely blow an argument from pressure. However, I know I can work on this. If I can get past the initial fear of being a lawyer, I have to then figure out what type of lawyer I would be or what type of law job I could get.
My Background:
As a kid, I used to write up "contracts" for anything that seemed like it needed it. Contracts binding people to read a book with me or to keep a promise, or even to finalize a business transaction. They all had headings, subsections, legal jargon (as much as I could understand as a kid), signatures lines—pretty much everything you can think of. I also was the debater in the family, arguing on topics ranging from why I should be allowed to do something to literal political debates. I was quite persuasive. I deliberately picked my high school classes to learn content that I could use to "destroy" my dad in every argument ever. Then, during my senior year of high school, I read The Republic for fun. That same year, I began writing a magnum opus of my own philosophy of politics. I haven't finished it yet because I've been too busy, even though it's been almost three years since I started. Today, I still write down thoughts and mini-essays on these topics, but they aren't part of the magnum opus. Ask me about the speedometer incident and my defense from the categorical imperative.
And when I think about everything I am passionate about, it really comes down to philosophy. I enjoy reading it (I’m even minoring in it—more about my studies later). I like to write my own little philosophical pieces, usually referencing what I already know from my studies to inform my position. My favorite areas of philosophy are politics and ethics/morality, which is apparently philosophy of law when put together. I would say that in an ideal world, I would love to be a political/legal philosopher. But that doesn’t pay the bills, and I don't really think that's a "job."
But here’s what I’m actually studying:
I’m an advertising major. Yep. Mad Men. The thing about me is that I am not strictly creative or strictly analytical. I’m both. I’ve always wanted to be the proverbial “sign-maker,” the mastermind behind great advertising campaigns. I do have creative talents and vision, and I specifically enjoy writing and photography. In fact, I think I’m pretty good at both. I’m pursuing a career in strategy, hoping to land as an account planner. This gives me the chance to be both creative and analytical, both aspects of me I don’t think I can completely abandon. To be frank, I am quite happy with advertising. It is an exciting field and I know I won’t ever be bored. I’d probably be fine living my life doing advertising as a career. There isn’t anything wrong with it, no reason for me to feel like I need to jump ship. I wouldn’t drop it for better pay. I’m of course scared about how competitive the industry is, but I’m putting in the work (clubs, internships, jobs) to be the best I can possibly be. I have no doubt I will get to where I want to go. BUT… the real reason I wouldn't do it is because I just don’t know if I will feel fulfilled from it in the long run. It is at times unethical, and I would rather contribute positively to society rather than persuade people to buy things they don’t need.
Also, I’m minoring in philosophy because I love it. I am, quite literally, doing it for fun. I’ve made my focus in the minor to be political and ethical philosophy, so I have a great foundation for law. This wasn’t purposeful—I didn’t do it because I had some inkling I would end up in law. It’s just genuinely something that interests me and gets me fired up. I’ve always been a philosophical soul, a deep thinker (probably because I went to Catholic school my entire life until college—I was always questioning things after 6th grade). While forming opinions on controversial topics of the day can get me excited, I truly do enjoy learning about the foundation of these issues: What is justice? What is the law? What is the role of the law? Of the state? I’m in a philosophy of law and the state class and I absolutely love it since it explores these questions. I love that I study philosophy, it’s given me such a better perspective on the world. And it’s probably the reason I would go into law. For those curious, here’s what my philosophy coursework has looked like: ancient philosophy, early modern philosophy (Kant, Hume; metaphysics, etc.), introduction to ethics, and philosophy of law and the state; I’m planning to cap off the minor with an advanced social philosophy class, and perhaps an advanced ethics class, too.
I’m not wayward. It’s not like I don’t know what to do with my life. It’s more of a “yes and” situation. Yes I can do advertising, and maybe I could be happy with law, too. I was totally fine with being in advertising, but for some reason, I'm feeling a strong enough tug towards law that I can't really ignore anymore.
Every now and then, I come back to this question about law school. I think there are real aspects of me that could make me a great lawyer: logical, analytical, reasonable, a great mediator, an excellent writer, and a passion for philosophy and justice. But it comes down to if being a lawyer is something I should do, or if I should just philosophize on the side. I know that people commenting on my knack for debating, mediating, and thinking is not reason enough for being a lawyer. It’s just that I know I do have a desire to practice political/legal philosophy, to understand government in the context of the source of law and justice; to use this understanding to create just laws and destroy unjust ones, and to ensure existing laws are just.
But, I could also end up being an advertiser. Two different careers. Two different outcomes. As a junior, I need to make a decision now if I want to even consider law school. Because if it is something in my future, I’ll have to begin studying for the LSAT over winter break, and I’ll probably pick some classes to supplement it in the spring.
The Why’s and the Why Not’s:
Why: I want to be a lawyer as a way to practice political and legal philosophy. I want to make this country better. I know this is everyone’s dream at some point in their lives, but I feel like I really could make a difference because I do have deep personal convictions to follow through with it. I know in the grand scheme of things I am not special. But I feel it in my soul that if I really did study, that if I really trained, I could be an authority figure on justice. No, this is not an Elle Woods “what like it’s hard?” moment for me. No, I have not watched Suits. But I have read a lot of philosophers and I like what they do. I just don’t want to be a philosophy professor. Maybe there's something in law that allows me to use political/legal philosophy to make lives better for others.
Why Not: I don’t want to be a lawyer because it seems like lawyers bend the truth; I’d much rather be a philosopher because philosophers find the truth (or at least search for it). I don’t want to be a lawyer because I am sort of scared of it and because I am not sure if there’s a career that even remotely matches my interests. I don’t want to be a lawyer because I personally experienced a judicial process that did not, in fact, administer justice. I don't want to be a lawyer because I can't fully abandon creativity. I feel like some of my reasons to not be a lawyer are superficial and are just me denying law studies because I’m afraid. Or, maybe they are valid and I should listen to them.
The Point I’m Trying to Make:
Do I sound like someone who should be doing law instead of advertising? More specifically, does it sound like I have the aptitude for law? If so, what kind of law jobs are out there that would kind of fit my interests? Constitutional law seems to be the best match, but I'm not really sure what that entails. If this is something I should really consider, then I will of course do more research on things like finances, regions to work, schools, etc. This is just the preliminary stages.
I know you all don’t know me enough to tell me what to do. But I hope some of you can give me some insight about law, about careers that could match me. Whether I should even consider a career in law in the first place. Give me the hard truth. Be brutally honest. I need to either have any interest in law squashed out of me for good, or I need someone to push me over the edge so that I go confidently towards it.
Thank you for all your help. All opinions and experiences are welcome and appreciated.

Yes, I heard law school is miserable and risky and yet I am still asking about it.
And I do plan on contacting law advisors at my undergrad to get a professional opinion, but I wanted to get some “feeler information” before I went to them.

TLDR; While I’m working hard towards a professional career in advertising that I would be happy to do, my side passion has always been studying philosophy, politics, and ethics. Many people, including those quite close to me, have told me I should be a lawyego to law school. It’s gotten to a point where I feel like I really should give it serious consideration. Law may be more fulfilling than advertising, and there could be something out there for me that fits my interests. Should I consider law school? What type of law jobs fall under constitutional law?
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2021.11.29 00:41 08e3hx What's up with the spammers/bots here and 4chan?

Whenever TRU gets shilled on the subreddit or /biz, there are same comments every time about accumulating, macaroni, VCs buying, and other spams. And they're same in both.
Take a look at u/puzzleheaded_act7485 , is this a bot?
So I'm highly suspicious of the shill posts here with the same generic comments. Are these planted by whales trying to scheme a pump and dump?
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2021.11.29 00:41 Adventurous_Youth_95 Content creator looking for female for a few videos(YouTube, TikTok, IG). No experience really needed. Message me for details. Thanks!

Gig pays $100 a day. No more than 3-4 hours a day. Thanks again and pass this along to anyone who’s interested. Send me a pic and a little about yourself!
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2021.11.29 00:41 MountainsAreBug So wen the RISE to $1 posts start?

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2021.11.29 00:41 S_Stuff_ Long puzzle or detective/investigative games

I feel like i've already played the main really good detective series including ace attorney, danganronpa, ghost trick, ect. Mostly looking for something with a really good story while also having elements that help you discover that said story along the way through logical thinking or puzzles. Preferablly I'd want to be invested in the game for a while so something that take atleast 10+ hours to beat
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2021.11.29 00:41 Icy-Beat-4446 **repost** Christmas toys for Spidy from Santa!) P.S. Our little man got to talk to Santa today and got a biggest warm hug!

** Our Family ** Our Family of 5 from PA only had 1 kiddo who is 4.5 yo and named Michael. Only 2 of us are registered thought, Michael and I, his mom.
** About Kiddo ** He loves his superheroes, paw patrol, pj masks, TMNT originals old ones, super outdoorsy, mechanically inclined, sees construction materials for buildings and potential robots in everything.
** Our Kiddo picture ** Today we were passing by and Santa was just sitting there in a tent by the tree lot! Lucky goose Michael!
** Michael's Link to wish list ** https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/DWV0FFNIYCF4?ref_=wl_share
** MOM Lisa Link ** https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/228SAE5M1KDZU?ref_=wl_share
** We already received ** We got 2 legos, 2 books and gloves and very grateful for our gifts from 2 different Santa's Little Helpers!
Merry Christmas everyone! It's sooooo close!
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2021.11.29 00:41 istrx13 [Marc Carig] I get that not every player is going to like the press. It happens. But Marcus Stroman liking a Tweet in which a writer is called a racist slur is unacceptable. There’s absolutely no excuse for it. It’s ugly. It’s wrong.

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2021.11.29 00:41 momome12 Pizza Hut in my city is hiring drivers… but not officially hiring or paying

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2021.11.29 00:41 Grietjie LF Eth Skulders

Pm me.
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2021.11.29 00:41 menorahman100 The 2015 video game 'Heroes of the Storm' feature a motley band of protagonists who battle together against the extradimensional antagonists in the Nexus, the place where universes collide. Note the Saturnian Hexagon in Purple, and the reference to The Storm.

The 2015 video game 'Heroes of the Storm' feature a motley band of protagonists who battle together against the extradimensional antagonists in the Nexus, the place where universes collide. Note the Saturnian Hexagon in Purple, and the reference to The Storm. submitted by menorahman100 to SaturnStormCube [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 00:41 janheidorn Quest 2 or wait for updated version/Quest 3?

Hello I just have a quick question, I’m thinking about buying a Quest 2(likely in about a month) but I’m afraid they will come up with a new Quest 3(or just an updated Quest 2?) and then I have the slightly outdated one. So should I buy the 2 or just wait some months? I also have the option to rent it on a reliable website here in Germany for up to 12+ months(it’s like 30€ per month if I’m going for 3 months at first.)as I did with an HTC Vive like 2 years ago.
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2021.11.29 00:41 fellbound Our 1 year old Jazzy basking in the Christmas tree lights

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2021.11.29 00:41 castles- (xbx)(help) Oceiros

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2021.11.29 00:41 Cheeseman9841 Bucs started 7-5 past season

They were starting to implode and Brady had some pick sixes just like Stafford. Stats are probably similar.
It all depends how the Rams rebound and if they can hit a stride going into the playoffs. That's what matters most.
Season is far from over. That's all.
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2021.11.29 00:41 dorie30 Sunday cuddles 💕

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2021.11.29 00:41 IAmOnRedditOhNo how do i unlock the other items for streaming

i just dunno how to get em
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